Join Nora, Alexis, Lacey and Samarria on the pilgrim route through Portugal

Hop onboard yet another pioneering skate trip, as RedBull heads to southern Europe, with the skate sisterhood in For Whom The Belles Roll. LINK, or watch above…

Miika on Skateline

Gary really likes Miika’s part

an interview with Enzo Cautela and his mum

A lot of professional athletes have full blown support teams that travel around the world with them - nutritionists, personal trainers, physiotherapists, etc. - that dictate exactly how they train and what they put in their face. Who knows if skateboarding will ever go down that route, but luckily for Enzo Cautela, he’s got his own personal nutritionist built into his family – his mum, Tori, and this interview is with both of them; a pro and his mum!

Lunatic Fringe: Didrik "Deedz" Galasso

DIDRIK “DEEDZ” GALASSO has more energy than your mommy’s Prius! He came out of the womb with a mustache, ready to shred 24/7. His dad’s a butcher, which might explain his natural tendency to slaughter everything in front of him. Not even the cold, wet Norwegian winters can suppress his appetite for spot consumption. Fueled by açaí, Moscow Mules and avocados, Deedz possesses the perfect balance of gnar and creativity that allows him to devour every type of terrain that you put on his plate. It’s dinner time, people, and Deedz is starving! —Louie Barletta