clinton for president

Looks as if enjoi is making friends left and right. We recently got this e-mail sent to us. In an attempt to clear things up, we love women. We REALLY love women. We also think it's really cool that you have a computer in the kitchen.

Dear Enjoi,

My name is Barb Odanaka. Many years ago, I skated for the Hobie
junior skateboard team and today I head a nonprofit organization
called Skateboard Moms, Inc. The group is made up of about 450 women
who skate, some with their kids, others not. Some are hardcore, some
not. All of us buy decks. Some of us buy many, many decks, so
naturally we're always on the lookout for companies that support women.

We're wondering what's up with some of your ads, specifically the
ones that go to extremes to disrespect women. Are you guys haters?
That's the way it sure looks to us. We await your response.



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