quote the larry

I woke up in thick fog this morning. The inevitable headache has set in and feels like a cinderblock was chilling on my face all night. Eventually the urge to urinate allows me to get up out of bed. I lurk into the bathroom very slowly and and feel for the light switch. As soon as the light came on i noticed that there was some crap on my face. Upon further investigation I came up with the conclusion that it was mud. I turn on the water and begin to wash it off. Once attended to I turn the water off and look in the mirror. I looked like a fucking zombie that crawled out of his grave. Literally, I had mud in my hair, in my teeth,and under my nails.
It was shower time apparently. Waiting for the water to warm I start to feel how stiff my neck was. Even now, the shit is boned out! I hop in the shower and begin to scrub my hair. The water mixed with the dirt made a brown sludge. It took a while of scrubbing too. Seriously like a couple of minutes. The water felt so heavy. I don't really know how to describe that any further, but the only thing i could do to alleviate it was sit down and let it pelt me into submission.
I get done and dry off. A fresh pair of undies can seriously put a smile on my face. Thank god I did laundry yesterday. Another slow and disoriented walk to the kitchen to get me a motha fuckin' Red Bull!!!!!!!I just happen to stumble upon a pile of wet muddy clothing and some reebocks that were caked. I could barely recognize em. I don't even know if they are salvagable. I know i wore a vest last night. I remember putting it on, but i didn't see it anywhere............
What the fuck happened last night? My fucking head hurt too much to think, but i had to try and figure it out. Back to my bed and back to reality. Putting the puzzle pieces back together was really hard to do and i still don't have them all in place. The scent of grass came to my mind. That was it! I had another piece. I remembered wrestling in the rain. What I don't remember is how I got home.