here's something to worry about today

yesterday was the jer's 104th birfday. he wore emerica socks. chinese slippers. his signature pant from emerica. an enjoi tee turned inside out because it was a silly graphic that offended his gf. he wore an emerica flannel over it because his gf likes him wearing those (and it was cold outside). not too sure, but I think he had silo boxers on. his board set up was: mob grip, enjoi kittens deck, ricta hsu wheels, royal trucks...ummm maybe some swiss bearings, his hardware had some weird colored bolts. he might very well use comcast for his internet needs. he uses some phone with buttons that's not a touch screen. he has someone come and mow his lawn because he is lazy. the bosses were pretty pissed that his enjoi tee was turned inside out, but they let it slide because he turned 104. happy happy big jer!