(insert clever TOUR name here)

the dudes are leaving for tour tomorrow (tuesday). meeting up with joe breezy and big blue out in detroit. there will be some demos and signings going down, but since we don't really have our sh*t together we don't really know when and where as of yet. check in daily with slap.com for some more insight to what the hell is going on. also, if you are so inclined, you can follow mr. breezy's twitter and see what's happening when it happens (or however those things work). there will probably be an article whenever the gents over at slap feel like putting it "live" (is that the correct web term?). you can check back in here too in case the motel 6's have some free wifi for us to post silly photos of jose buying new pants, caswell eating fast food, wieger being a ginger, etc etc.big_blue