house real small, dick real small, everything real small

how’s life been lately? kinda strange...lots of stuff happening, lots of nothing happening. ive been really into coconut juice.

list one thing you love and one thing you hate about each enjoi dude (love/hate). wieger: dutch/dutch jose: mows my lawn/ needs a firmer handshake caswell: he's so nice to kids it makes me sick/ needs to get his nintendo games he left at my house 5 years ago cairo: always wants to travel with me/ needs to let his daughter eat more candy ben: always gives me cigarettes/ should slut it up more nestor: his hair/ sometimes wears hats and we dont get to enjoy his hair clark: jumps out from behind garbage cans and scares me in new york/ i still dont think i know clark yet louie: hasnt changed in the 13 years ive known him/ hasnt changed in the 13 years ive known him jerry: the smartest and funniest person i know/ hasnt front 50-50ed a handrail in 12 years

if you could change lives with one person (your mind in their body, therefor taking over their life) who would it be? nestor. he seems to have shit figured out

your hsuper side blog has been really killing it. What makes you work so hard and stay so focused on it? assistants do that crap. i dont care about the enjoi blog.

there has been a few internet sightings about girls thinking you are a total babe lately. would you be willing to have a contest and the winner gets to go on a date with you? really? what girls?

what are the excuses you are gonna run with when you hear thet Spanky’s part is better than yours in stay gold?

white people got it easier than us. are you going to drink at the premiere? i will be drunk and climbing on stage to make speeches and no one will ever forget that night are you going to have a trophy girl on your arm that night? or, are you gonna wait and check out your options? i'm bringing seven prostitutes. one for each trick i filmed for this video part. tell us a cool story about jon miner. for those of u who dont know, jon is the guy making the emerica video. he has a howard-hughes-like attitude towards perfection, so it can get pretty emotional when we all go filming. he will tell you everything average filmers are afraid to say about your skating. it makes me laugh and it makes me cry. he's a man with few regrets.

how many years are you going to vacation for after the emerica video drops? that depends on how many awards i receive